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There are 3 types of Property Managers. Which type are you?

There are different types and sizes of facilities, and there are different types of property managers. Each property manager has goals and annual budgets, and each must decide how to spend their budget to achieve their goals.

  1. A contract compliance property manager

Jack S. is this type of property manager. He does exactly what his contract specifies, and  no more. He’d like to do more to keep the facility running properly and looking good, but he can’t because his budget is tight. If Jack spent any more money, he’d have to increase the tenants’ rent. Which would make him extremely unpopular. He’s looking for ways to make the most of the budget he has.

  1. A status quo property manager

Janet L. is a status quo property manager. She knows how things were done in the past, so that’s the way she does them. With a tight budget, she can’t spend any more to do a better job. She holds back a little of her budget, just for emergencies. If she knew how to use her small budget more effectively, she would do it.

  1. A value added property manager

Leslie M.’s goal is to extend the life cycle of the building’s assets to save money in the long run. Leslie spends what she needs to for regular upgrades and improvements to help increase the property’s value and enhance its image. She doesn’t like surprises and sharp cost increases, so she signs long-term contracts with reliable, professional companies to maintain the building’s assets. Even though her budget is adequate, she’s always looking for ways to do more with it.

Every building is different

Property managers usually have more than one building in their portfolios. And they know that each one has unique maintenance needs. So they must be flexible and adopt specific tactics to maintain each building in good condition and appearance.

What works in one building may not in another

There are different layouts, different foot traffic patterns, different types of businesses in each building. That means each one requires a specific program to protect its assets — and a carefully thought-out budget to implement the program.

What are your objectives?

Whatever your objectives and goals, an experienced, reliable floor care company can help you reach them – by developing a plan that takes care of your whole facility, keeping it looking fresh and clean day after day, without unnecessary expense.

Maximize your budget with a MAP.

With a specific, unique MAP (Maintenance of Assets Program) based on your facility’s layout and foot traffic patterns, you will be able to target your maintenance budget to essential floor care services.

With a MAP, you pay only for what your building needs.

As a property manager, you are the guardian of the maintenance budget. That being the case, it makes sense to let Advanced 360 work with you to develop a plan for appropriate cleaning in each area. We will tour your facility and discuss your needs, then collaborate on a MAP that helps you spend money where it’s needed, and nowhere else.



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