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Rubber Flooring Maintenance & Cleaning in Kansas City

Rubber Must Be Properly Cleaned. If It’s Not, It Won’t Last Long. We Follow Manufacturers’ Guidelines, So Your Rubber Flooring Will Last Longer.

Rubber flooring is strong, durable, and unique, but it requires expertise for it to reach its life expectancy. We are the Kansas City rubber floor cleaning and maintenance experts, which means we follow manufacturers’ recommendations and use the right equipment and chemicals on rubber flooring. Which keeps them looking their best and ensures that they last as long as they were designed to last.  


Discolors, stains, and scratches easily.

Is not disinfectant resistant.

Requires maintenance by skilled floor care technicians so wax won't stick to it.

Shoe marks can be seen on it.

Our Solution:

Maintenance of Asset Preservation (MAP) Program. With MAP, we create customized floor care plans based on soil loads and traffic patterns. MAP costs more initially but it saves clients money long-term by improving the appearance of their floors and extending the life of their floors.

MAP keeps floors looking their best at all times.

MAP minimizes disruptions to operations by servicing floors as needed, so high-traffic floors are serviced more often than low-traffic floors.

Requires regular service visits to properly maintain.

 Types of Rubber Floors

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