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Rubber Must Be Properly Cleaned. If It’s Not, It Won’t Last Long. We Follow Manufacturers’ Guidelines, So Your Rubber Flooring Will Last Longer.

Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems specializes in maintaining rubber flooring, which is a type of resilient flooring that’s durable, strong, and unique. But like each type of resilient flooring, it must be properly maintained by experts in order to reach its life expectancy.

Common Uses

Rubber flooring is commonly found in gymnasiums, hospitals, and weight rooms. It’s also found on lots of playgrounds.

Problems Rubber: 

Requires maintenance by skilled floor care technicians (so wax doesn’t stick to it).

Discolors, stains, and scratches easily.

Shows shoe marks.

Our Solution

For rubber flooring to look its best at all times, it must be properly maintained. How do you do that? By allowing us to create a customized maintenance plan for your commercial facility, which we call our Maintenance of Asset Preservation (MAP) program. MAP requires regular service visits and uses soil loads and traffic habits to determine how often rubber flooring should be maintained. MAP may cost more initially, but it’s been proven to save our clients money in the long-run by preventing damage to their rubber floors and by extending the life of their rubber floors.
How to Maintain It
Rubber flooring must be cleaned daily, but it must also be restored periodically. In addition, it must be cleaned with the right chemicals and equipment, and the cleaning crew must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
How Much It Costs

Cleaning and conditioning a rubber floor in Kansas City costs between 35 and 55 cents per square-foot. The floor’s age, condition, and soil load affect its price.

We Can Help 

Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems has used its Maintenance of Asset Preservation (MAP) Program to provide worry-free floor care to commercial clients and general contractors across Kansas City for 20 years. Our unique system allows us to keep commercial carpets and floors looking their absolute best. In addition, MAP allows us to extend the life expectancy of our clients’ indoor surfaces. Maximizing their returns on investment. Do you have questions about rubber flooring, or any type of flooring, or do you simply want to know more? Call today at 913-322-6200 and speak with one of our Facility Service Consultants.

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