Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Industrial Floor Coatings

Long-Lasting Concrete Floor Coatings

If your facility’s industrial concrete floor is dirty, dingy, cracking, bubbling, or it just doesn’t look right, the floor’s substrate and coatings may be failing. Why? It could be lots of reasons, but it’s probably because of a chemical reaction, corroded embedded metals, indoor traffic, settling foundation, or because of freezing and thawing from seasonal temperature changes. 

Industrial epoxy coatings, however, fail for different reasons, including chemical attacks, improper surface preparation, or use of the wrong materials. To keep your industrial concrete from failing, find an industrial coatings expert. They will follow manufacturers’ recommendations and adhere to industry standards. 

Benefits of Industrial Forge Stone Concrete Repair System

Tough, non-shrinking bond.

Fast return to service.

Can be used in wet environments.

Works in freezers and cold storage.

Advanced 360’s stone coatings have demonstrated their ability to withstand harsh industrial and manufacturing environments for extremely long perids of time. 

Maximize ROI. Eliminate Stress.

Your interior assets will look their best and last as long as possible.