Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Let Our MAP Get You Where You Want to Go

Your commercial floors are an investment—a huge investment—and your goal is 
maximizing their return. How do you do that? By keeping them looking their best
for as long as possible. Unfortunately, few floor care providers have what it
takes to help you accomplish this goal. We have provided commercial floor
care services across Kansas City for more than 25 years, and our unique
expertise allows us to do something rarely done in the floor care industry: Provide a lifetime warranty on a client’s carpets, floors, and interior surfaces. 

By having our lifetime warranty: 

You will never need to restore your commercial carpets, floors, or interior surfaces.

If there is an issue with your commercial carpets, floors, or interior surfaces related to workmanship, we will bear the entire expense of resolving the issue.

There is only one requirement with this warranty: We must be your sole floor care provider.

Keeping your surfaces looking their best for the duration of their life expectancy requires that six criteria be met. If even one of them is not met, not only will your floors not look their best, they will eventually be damaged from improper maintenance. Leaving you with the hefty expense of a floor restoration. We provide a lifetime warranty because we have what it takes to help you accomplish your goal, and in carrying out our Maintenance of Asset Preservation ( MAP ) program, we will:

Dispatch skilled floor care technicians.

Follow industry-certified maintenance procedures.

Follow manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations.

Maintain your commercial surfaces on a regular basis.

Use industry-certified equipment.

Use industry-certified products.

We created MAP because we realized that commercial floor care clients were wasting money by paying for floor care services they did not need. MAP is based on predictive maintenance, the new approach to floor care, so clients’ carpets and floors are only serviced when they need to be serviced. For example, in using predictive maintenance, your high-traffic floors would be maintained more often than your low-traffic floors because your high-traffic floors would need more attention. MAP will keep your floors looking pristine for the duration of their life expectancy while also saving you money. Maximizing return on investment.

Long-Lasting Industrial Floor Solutions Provided By Certified Installers.

With Minimal Downtime.


Maximize ROI. Eliminate Stress.

Your interior assets will look their best and last as long as possible. 

Absorbs dirt easily and becomes dingy quickly, so it's difficult to keep clean.