Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Concrete Repair
Fed Up with Concrete Repairs That Do Not Last?
Get High performance concrete repairs that meet and exceed the industry standards.
You shouldn’t have to continually repair the same patch of concrete year in and year out. Faulty patches not only waste time and money, they actually make the problem worse as the concrete surrounding the original damage continues to weaken.
The Forge Stone System has a proven success record for longevity in extremely harsh, demanding industrial and manufacturing environments.
Benefits of Industrial Forge Stone Concrete Repair Systems:

Non shrinking and tough bond

Fast return to service

Can be used in wet environments.

Works in cold storage and Freezers

Long Lasting Industrial Floor Solution – installed by Trained, Certified Installers with minimal “Downtime”
Maximize Your ROI. Eliminate Stress

Let us consolidate your vendors into a single scalable solution for your floors and interior assets.