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What are Pinholes?

Pinholes are small air pockets that form during the mixing and application of the terrazzo components. When terrazzo is ground to reveal the aggregates, the pinholes begin to appear. These voids are hard to see from a distance, but their presence exists in the terrazzo floor. Over time, pinholes can affect the shine of a terrazzo floor and can accumulate moisture, dirt, and grime. For years terrazzo contractors have addressed pinholes through grouting the terrazzo floor. We proudly offer terrazzo floor care and maintenance in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, Wichita, Springfield, Des Moines, and Omaha.

What is True Natural Finish?

The True Natural Finish is a mechanical process and treatment for Terrazzo, Stone and Concrete floors that brings out the natural look of the floor with depth of gloss. This finish can last more than 5 years if properly maintained. It also increases the abrasive resistance and slip resistance without sacrificing the cleanability or appearance of the surface.With True Natural Finish, you can save up to 40% in maintenance costs compared to waxed or sealed floors and polished VCT. Enjoy the familiarity and tried-and-true Natural Finish of Terrazzo or Stone floors – now with more time to enjoy them, rather than maintain them! We also specialize in marble floor care, travertine floor care, stone floor care and more for commercial, retail and office needs!

Patch to Match

Our “Patch to Match” service helps add new life to an existing floor, by either repairing a section of a damaged floor or by installing a new floor that matches an old terrazzo surface. Our design specialists will examine a pre-existing surface and develop a custom formula to match the terrazzo’s design. We locate the readily available materials to guarantee an exact match is possible. This unique floor care and cleaning service offered by our Terrazzo restoration specialists breathes new life into existing terrazzo surfaces, prolonging the longevity of the terrazzo without having to replace a surface entirely.

Our Local Terrazzo Floor Cleaning & Care Clients

We use sustainable floor care, cleaning, polishing, and maintenance solutions to maximize the lifespan of your terrazzo, marble & natural stone floors.

Our Facility care specialists are prepared to help you expertly determine cost-effective, long term solutions for all your terrazzo floor care needs and terrazzo floor maintenance in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.