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What Is True Natural Finish?

True natural finish brings out the natural beauty in concrete, stone, and terrazzo flooring and leaves a high-gloss finish. If the floor is properly maintained, the finish will last seven years or more and the floor will be abrasion and slip resistant. Without diminishing its natural beauty. 


If the floor is maintained with our Maintenance of Asset Preservation (MAP) system, true natural finish will produce savings of up to 35% (compared to waxed or polished floors treated with true natural finish but that have not been maintained with our MAP system). We also specialize in marble, travertine, and other stone floors in commercial, office, and retail buildings.  

What are Pinholes?

Pinholes are small air pockets that form when terrazzo components are mixed and applied. When terrazzo is ground to reveal its aggregates, pinholes appear. These voids are hard to see from a distance, but they’re in terrazzo floors. Over time, pinholes can affect the shine of a terrazzo floor and can accumulate dirt, grime, and moisture. We’re terrazzo floor care experts, and we’ve maintained terrazzo floors in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, Wichita, Springfield (MO), Des Moines (IA), and Omaha (NE).

Patch to Match

Our Patch to Match service adds life to floors, repairing a section of a damaged floor or installing a new floor that matches the old terrazzo surface. Our design specialists examine surfaces and develop formulas that match the terrazzo’s design. Next, we find materials that match the surface as closely as possible. This service prolongs the life of the terrazzo, so it doesn’t have to be replaced. 

Our Local Terrazzo Floor Care Clients

We use sustainable floor care, cleaning, polishing, and maintenance solutions to maximize the lifespan of terrazzo, marble, and natural stone floors.

Let our Facility Service Consultants help you find cost-effective, long term solutions for your terrazzo flooring. 

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