Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems


Advanced 360 Total Floor-Care System is Kansas City-based, full-service commercial floorcare provider offering sustainable and environmentally friendly-safe carpet and floorcare maintenance for:

  • Commercial end-users
  • Facility and property managers
  • Building owners

When we call them, this is  what we hear:

  • They’re angry that their carpeting and hard surface floors appear neglected.
  • They feel cheated paying for a disorganized, disappointing floor-care program.
  • They’re frustrated that their floors don’t consistently look professionally cared for and presentable.
  • They’re concerned that their floors won’t last, which means incurring high expenses to remove and replace them frequently.
  • And they’re tired of being the supervisor for the company they hired to take care of their facility floors.

If any of this describes you, we can help. Call 913-322-6200 now for a free Advanced 360 consultation.

Maximize Your ROI. Eliminate Stress.