Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Stone Resin

Don’t Like The Look Of Your Floor But Can’t Afford To Demolish It?

Stone resin breathes new life into old or worn-out flooring, and the process can be completed without demolishing the existing floor (if the existing floor is stable). Stone resin–which can be used on ceramic, concrete, wood, or any hard surface–produces a polished concrete floor or a floor that resembles terrazzo.

Benefits of Stone Resin:

Demolishing your existing floor is not needed.

Lots of colors to choose from.

No disruption to operations because we work after-hours and weekends. The floor is even accessible during installation, so the facility can remain open.

No dust or debris needs to be hauled from your facility.

No fumes from chemicals.

Turn Your Old Floor Into a SPECTACULAR New Floor

Stone Resin’s Polished-Concrete Look

Long-Lasting Industrial Floor Solutions Provided By Certified Installers.

With Minimal Downtime.


Maximize ROI. Eliminate Stress.

Your interior assets will look their best and last as long as possible. 

We’ve Saved Our Partners Thousands of Dollars in Avoidable Costs