Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Preserve Your Floors With Our MAP Program

Let Us help protect your investment

Carpets and floors are a big investment, so you want to maximize their return on investment (ROI). The new approach to floor care, which is at the heart of our Maintenance of Asset Preservation (MAP) program, is based on soil loads and traffic patterns. So high-traffic floors are serviced more often than low-traffic floors. MAP helps facility managers and property managers maximize ROI, but it also provides additional benefits:

Ensures that carpets and floors look their absolute best.

Ensures that carpets and floors reach their life expectancy.

Flooring warranties remain intact.

Floors last longer because they are treated with protective coatings.

Less labor is required.

Minimizes the likelihood that a restorative cleaning will be needed.

Surfaces are only cleaned as needed.

Maximize ROI. Eliminate Stress.

Your interior assets will look their best and last as long as possible.