Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Do Not let Inexperienced Cleaning Companies Ruin Your Luxury Vinyl Tile.  Instead, Hire the Right Professionals to Care for It. 

LVT is a high-quality flooring designed to last a long time, but it must be properly maintained.  If it’s maintained by floor care professionals who have little or no experience with LVT, it may become damaged beyond repair. Shortening the floor’s life expectancy. In addition to having years of experience with LVT  flooring, we follow manufacturers’ recommendations and use the right chemicals and equipment. Ensuring that our clients’ LVT flooring lasts as long as possible. 


Damage to its protective layer is irreparable.

Is not disinfectant resistant.

Requires maintenance by skilled floor care technicians.

Scratches and stains easily.

Shoe marks appear on it often.

Our Solution:

Maintenance of Asset Preservation (MAP) Program. With MAP, we create customized floor care plans based on soil loads and traffic patterns. MAP costs more initially but it saves clients money long-term by improving the appearance of their floors and extending the life of their floors.

MAP keeps floors looking their best at all times.

MAP minimizes disruptions to operations by servicing floors as needed, so high-traffic floors are serviced more often than low-traffic floors.

Requires regular service visits to properly maintain.

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