Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Advanced 360 has been a leading floor care provider in Kansas City for 20 years.
We’ve helped commercial clients, design firms, facility managers, property managers, and general contractors across Greater Kansas City.

Our goal is to deliver the best service - consistently and affordably.

We create customized cleaning plans to meet clients’ unique needs and innovate with the latest industry advancements.

We employ IICRC-certified, Academy-trained cleaning professionals. We have the lowest turnover rate in the industry (less than 2%)—the industry average is 450%. Our average employee works for us for six years.

We’re experts. Our experience, loyal clients, and testimonials prove we know how to properly care for floors and interior assets.

Maximize Your ROI. Eliminate Stress
Let us consolidate your vendors into a single scalable solution for your floors and interior assets.