Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Worry-Free Floor Care

Our Approach to Floor Care Puts YOU First

Our floor care system has produced unparalleled results for Kansas City clients for nearly 20 years, and our recurring clients and our glowing testimonials are proof. How do we produce amazing results? By using a system that puts clients first and gives them what they want. Here’s how and why we created our system. 

After asking commercial floor care clients about their experiences with current and former service providers, we discovered that most of them were unhappy with the service they were receiving or had received. 

Some cited having to initiate communication with their floor care providers to find out what was going on with their carpets and floors. Some complained about having to supervise floor care crews to ensure they did what they were supposed to do. Some said their providers had agreed to work on projects they had no experience on, which they failed to divulge beforehand. Some cited their flooring warranties being voided because their service providers didn’t follow the flooring manufacturers’ recommendations. When this happens and the surfaces become damaged, the commercial clients are then responsible for all damages. Finally, many clients complained about the poor results they received despite paying handsomely for floor care service. After sifting through this wealth of information, we created and developed our Worry-Free Floor Care system.

We hire people with the ability to become outstanding Floor Care Technicians then we put them through our rigorous training academy. Skill and experience are important, as are attitude, cleanliness, punctuality, temperament, and work ethic. Our technicians do each job right the first time, they’re courteous with those they interact with at job sites, and they respect our clients’ facilities and interior assets.


Our technicians have expertise on all types of commercial flooring. They follow industry standards set by the Carpet and Rug Institute [CRI] and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification [IICRC]), and our technicians follow manufacturers’ recommendations. And, we manage our floor care crews. 


You’re responsible for the carpets and floors in your facility, so your primary goal is maximizing their return on investment. To accomplish this, you need three things:


  1. Skilled technicians who have experience working on the types of floors that are in your facility.
  2. Skilled technicians who follow industry standards.
  3. Skilled technicians who follow flooring manufacturers’ recommendations.

Our skilled technicians will reduce your workload, keep your carpets and floors looking their best, and extend the life of your carpets and floors. Maximizing their return on investment and eliminating your stress.