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Get a M.A.P. *(Maintenance of Asset Preservation)* from Advanced 360!

You Need More Than What Contract Cleaning Alone Can Provide.

Your janitorial staff only handles daily cleaning.  Your floor won’t last as long as it’s supposed to if it’s simply cleaned… It needs to be MAINTAINED. We use a predictive maintenance model, which divides your facility into traffic-density sections (e.g. high, medium, low), and by cleaning your carpet strategically based on traffic flow patterns.

Advanced 360 - Specialized Planned Service

MAP (Maintenance of Asset Preservation) is a strategic approach to maintenance that extends the lifecycle of your floors by 50% to 100%. MAP is the process Advanced 360 uses to plan for your floor needs. With this agreement, we guarantee any restored floor for a year, and you will receive two added treatments for touch up and repair, as needed, of high-stress areas to leave the floor looking like it did right after restoration. These are included.


Advanced 360 Total Floor Care begins with our unique restoration method and then we add two free treatments during the first year for touch-ups and repairs. This leaves your floors looking brand-new all year long. As long as you have a MAP, you’ll never have to restore your carpet or floors again! You pay one flat rate — with no hidden charges — and we guarantee to do the following:

  • Eliminate unsafe, unsightly floors
  • Extend the life of your floors
  • Maintain your warranties by adhering to manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Save you money by avoiding costly—and unnecessary—floor replacements
  • Showcase floors that look new
  • Simplify floor care

We have 22 years’ local experience caring for commercial carpet, floors, and hard surfaces, and our loyal partners are proof that we provide exceptional service in the Kansas City commercial cleaning industry.


With a deep understanding of a function, process, technology, machines, material and equipment, they will ensure your facility and assets are cared for properly; extend the usable life of the assets; and keep manufacturers’ warranties intact.

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Mo Bashar, I.C.E. GB
Facility Care Specialist

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