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How to become worth your weight in gold to your building owner…

Help the building owner achieve the highest return on investment

A property manager’s primary concern is taking care of the property – making sure it stays clean and functional.

A building owner’s success depends on meeting short-and long-term financial objectives. And the building owner measures a property manager’s effectiveness by how much they help meet those objectives.

Property managers and accounting professionals should work closely with the engineering staff to monitor and manage all operating costs, maximize every dollar spent and eliminate waste. And property managers should keep facilities in good shape to help protect the owner’s investment. The property manager who does all that effectively is worth their weight and gold to the building owner.


Foster a good relationship with tenants

Along with controlling operating costs and managing a well-planned asset life cycle, a successful property manager knows how to maintain the asset’s value through tenant satisfaction.
Keeping properties in tip-top condition reduces tenant maintenance calls, which can free up staff time and allow the property management company to better utilize its staff and have a more cost-effective payroll budget.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why keeping tenants happy is key to a property manager’s success:

• Tenants will be more likely to take care of the property.
• Tension over maintenance and repair requests will be reduced.
• More rent payments will be on time.
• Property management and tenants will enjoy better communication because of trust and reliability.
• Mutual respect may lead to more lease renewals.


Building owner and property manager discussing facilities.


Hire knowledgeable experts to clean the property

Nothing will ruin someone’s opinion of a property faster than filthy carpet and floors. Your property is likely the face of your tenants’ businesses. If it’s messy and poorly maintained, the tenant’s clients will be turned off, and you’ll get the blame.

Nobody will compliment you on your squeaky-clean, shiny floors or carpet, but you’ll definitely get complaints from tenants if those floors are dirty and dingy-looking.

The lowest bidder for floor care could cost a lot — in tenant satisfaction, and then in your relationship with the building owner.

To keep your building in tip-top shape, hire knowledgeable floor care professionals: pre-qualified, responsive and field-tested Subject Matter Experts (SME) Subcontractors.

With a deep understanding of a function, process, technology, machines, material and equipment, they will ensure your facility and assets are cared for properly; extend the usable life of the assets; and keep manufacturers’ warranties intact.

And that’s the key to a building owner’s heart.

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