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SaniGLAZE Rescue and Recovery Program from Advanced360

We won’t fix your worn-out SaniGLAZE little-by-little. We’ll remove the deteriorated SaniGLAZE to give you a fresh start!

Are you disappointed because you were promised SaniGLAZE would last for years? Are you unhappy because the SaniGLAZE shine has faded and your floors have deteriorated? Were you told you can’t remove SaniGLAZE?

Good news: You DO have options.

By using our system, you can restore your floors and save money.

Everyone you consult with recommends that you replace your drab floors. Replacing your restroom floors will force you to close your restrooms. Worse yet, it will blow up your budget! We have a better solution.

Advanced Floor Care Program

By using our 3-step program, there will only be minimal disruption to restroom service.Our certified, Academy-trained Technicians will:

  • Remove your SaniGLAZE and repair any damage they find.
  • Restore your grout’s color.
  • Apply a protective coating, making your floors sparkle as they did when they were installed.

 Rescuing your floors is better than replacing them:

  • No dust or debris will need to be hauled from your facility.
  • No need to close your restrooms (we work after-hours and weekends).
  • Our protective coatings are removable.
  • Restrooms will be back in service the next day.

If your floors don’t look as they should, don’t replace them—rescue them.

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Mo Bashar, I.C.E. GB
Facility Care Specialist

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