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How Advanced 360 Can Help with Your Year-end Floor Care Regrets

About this time of year, some of you may begin to regret hiring the floor care company you’ve been working with. See if this sounds like you…

You’ve called the company several times to complain, but every week, you get the same bad job.

Carpeting doesn’t look as clean as it should. Hard flooring is scratched, and frankly, a bit shabby-looking.

But the floor care company says they’re following a planned maintenance schedule. So why do you now have to supervise the crews to make sure they do what they were contracted to do?

Maybe their cleaning crews don’t have the proper training. They may not be using the most effective techniques, and they might be using the same machines and chemicals for all types of carpeting and floors.

Maybe your current floor care company isn’t following manufacturers’ recommendations for proper care. Not only does that result in less-than-optimal cleaning, but it also could cancel out the manufacturers’ warranties. Then, if damage happens, it would be your responsibility (and cost) to fix it.

If you are starting to worry about your choice of floor care companies, now is the time to act. Don’t wait to get a fresh start. Hire a professional floor care company that follows a scheduled maintenance plan and also customizes their cleaning methods to your specific type of carpeting or flooring.

Choose a professional floor care company that offers you a predictive maintenance program.

A predictive maintenance program schedules cleaning and maintenance based on the amount of foot traffic in each area. Areas with heavier foot traffic – like lobbies and doorways — are cleaned more frequently than areas with less foot traffic.

A predictive maintenance schedule is efficient and cost-saving. And it keeps your facility looking fresh and clean week in and week out, year in and year out. Also, your carpets and flooring will last longer with proper care. So you can extend the time between expensive replacements.

Beyond regular cleaning, floors need to be maintained properly throughout the year, from the beginning. A professional floor care company will do initial maintenance after carpet or flooring is installed to clean out all the dust and debris. They will also schedule periodic deep cleaning to keep carpeting and floors looking like new over time.

If you regret hiring the wrong floor care company you have, it’s time to get a fresh start and hire a top-notch professional floor care company. One that offers you a predictive maintenance schedule. One whose technicians are fully trained and certified to properly clean and maintain your specific type of carpeting and flooring. And one that keeps its word to provide all the service you contracted them for – and more.

The more part is emergency care. Let’s say you have a flood or a major spill. You need it cleaned up now, not tomorrow or next week. Choose a professional floor care company that is available 24/7 to answer the call and will come out quickly to address the issue and make sure your tenants and visitors have full access to your facility.

Don’t jump from one substandard floor care company to another in hopes of getting better service. Call a professional floor care company that is dedicated to providing superior service and complete satisfaction, 100% guaranteed.

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Mo Bashar, I.C.E. GB
Facility Care Specialist

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