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Changing Floor Care Companies Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Halloween is nearly here, with ghosts, goblins and dancing skeletons that are fun for kids. But it’s no fun being haunted by dissatisfaction with your floor care company.

Fall brings a long list of year-end tasks to get done. And one of them might be firing your floor care company because they’re not living up to their promises. Do you shudder with dread thinking about it?

You may be concerned that it will take a lot of time — one thing you can’t spare. And you don’t want to make the wrong choice. If you do, you might just be trading one lazy company for another, and you’ll to keep getting poor results, which can reflect badly on you. That’s scary.

Don’t be afraid to change to a better floor care company

Advanced 360 Total Floor Care is an experienced professional floor care company that keeps its word and provides the excellent service you’re looking for. We make it easy to make the switch. Here’s our onboarding procedure:

  • Talk with you about your needs, goals and expectations.
  • Survey your site, noting the types of carpet and flooring you have, foot traffic patterns and square footage.
  • Create a customized predictive cleaning and maintenance schedule.
  • Discuss the schedule with you and make any needed adjustments.
  • Furnish you with the final schedule and let you know the exact cost of your program. No unexpected extra fees.
  • Implement the schedule as soon as you give us the go-ahead.
  • Allow you to take the credit for the great appearance of your floors.

Advanced 360 Total Floor Care guarantees your 100% satisfaction.

All of our technicians are IICRC certified

And in our in-house Academy of Excellence, we train them on proper cleaning techniques and  the use of our machines and chemicals — to protect and extend the usable life of your carpeting and floors.

We communicate

We’ll keep in touch to make sure you’re satisfied. If there’s anything you aren’t happy with, we’ll make it right. If you have an emergency – like a plumbing leak, a chemical spill or flooded floors – we’ll come out quickly any time, night or day, to clean it up and mitigate the damage.

We’re an experienced professional floor care company

Advanced 360 Total Floor Care has served Kansas City area business for decades. We take pride in keeping your floors clean and looking like new for years to come. We deliver quality care that helps extend the life of your floors and delays expensive replacements for years. Check our website [link ] and see some of the Greater Kansas City area companies that trust us to maintain their carpeting and floors.

So don’t be spooked about switching. Make the best choice. Call Advanced 360 Total Floor Care at (913) 322-6200 to schedule an appointment now.


Mo Bashar, I.C.E. GB
Facility Care Specialist

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