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Is “Cheap” Carpet Cleaning Really Cheap?

One of the toughest jobs a property manager, facility manager or building owner faces is keeping facility expenses in line with the annual budget.

There are a lot of costs to stay on top of – from utilities to renovations to supplies and building services. You planned your annual budget in detail, but occasionally, due to an accident, flooding or machinery malfunction, unexpected costs arise.

When money gets tight, you might be tempted to save as much money as you can on carpet and floor cleaning.

You might be wondering, “If I already pay for janitorial service, do I really need to pay a specialty cleaning company, too?”

Your concern is real, and it’s understandable that you’d want to cut costs. But be careful: Cheaper doesn’t always end up being cheaper when it comes to carpet care.

Recently, there have been stories in the media about “fast fashion” outlets like H&M and Forever 21 declaring bankruptcy. These stores offered up-to-the-minute styles at cheap prices. They were so cheap – and cheaply made — that fashionistas could wear them a few times, then take them to the thrift store when they fell apart.


So — were those cheap clothes really cheap?

People realized they weren’t saving money by buying cheap clothes. Now, the trend is to spend more on well-made clothing in classic styles that can last for years without being replaced.

It’s the same with commercial floor care. You get what you pay for. And cheap turns out not to be cheap in the end.

If janitorial companies could handle all of the challenges of keeping commercial carpeting looking fresh and new for many years, there would be no need for specialty cleaning companies. But they can’t.

Janitorial crews are handy – they’re right there in your facility – but they’re not equipped or trained to handle extra cleaning jobs.


Get expertise and better service

The companies that contract janitorial crews pay the most attention to their cost – the lower the better. Cleaning contractors often lack the training, machines and chemicals to do the job well.

A professional specialty cleaning company will send technicians with the training, expertise and experience to give you better service.


Keep carpet cleaning expenses low by making carpets last as long as possible.

The biggest cost in your maintenance budget is the carpet itself.

The average commercial carpet lasts about eight years. Replacement costs many thousands of dollars.

And so does relying on janitorial companies alone.

Although they charge less than specialty companies, janitorial companies can’t prevent your carpet from degrading.


With a specialty company’s professional cleaning and maintenance program, you could delay costly carpet replacement for up to four years.

Yes, you’ll pay more up front by including a specialty cleaning company in your budget, but you’ll save more in the long run.

Some customers who have implemented a predictive maintenance program have seen savings of 25% to 35% a year on their floor care budget.


How does a specialty cleaning company make your carpet last longer?

  • They use low moisture that won’t damage the carpet long term.
  • They lift the fibers with each cleaning to keep carpet looking new.
  • They repair, protect and prevent problems before they occur.

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