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Extending Carpet Life: Why Does it Matter Who Cleans Your Floors?

If you hire the wrong company, it can cost you a lot.

And the true cost may not be apparent right away.

Your floor care company seems to be doing the job. They appear to be doing the same things any cleaning company does: using chemicals and machines. So, what’s the difference?

There is a big difference in quality between “any old school one-size-fits-all floor care company” and a professional company that uses a predictive floor care method, that costs a bit more but saves you money in the long run.

Did you know that the floor cleaning company you hire is 96% responsible for the appearance and the life of your floors?

The average life of carpets is about 7 years. With proper care, you could extend its life by almost double. But poor carpet cleaning methods may mean you don’t even make 7 years before you need to replace it.

Many companies and end users hire independent cleaning contractors who may not have the training and experience to care for their floors correctly. There’s effectively no quality control system.

Untrained floor cleaning contractors may use the wrong chemicals – the same ones for every surface, not the specific ones the manufacturer recommends for your type of carpet and flooring.

Improper care could void your warranties.

If that happens, you could be on the hook to pay for any problems with the carpet that would otherwise have been covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

When carpets aren’t cleaned properly, they may look clean on the surface, but below the surface, ground-in dirt lurks, where it damages the carpet fibers. That shortens your carpet’s usable life and eventually damages its appearance. Then you’ll have to replace it prematurely.

Replacement is a big hassle for everyone.

During carpet replacement, tenants are inconvenienced, the IT people have to disconnect and reconnect cables, everything has to be moved, there’s dirt in the air, there are carpet technicians walking through the facility after hours: It’s a mess.

But with proper care, you could delay replacement for two or three years. And that means big cost savings.

Considering how much the carpet or floor cost originally, it only makes sense to hire a company that can protect your investment years longer.

One that thoroughly trains their technicians on the use of the right chemicals and the proper way to use the machinery.

And one that helps you spend your floor cleaning and maintenance budget wisely.

When choosing a floor care company, be sure to ask a few relevant questions:

• Are your technicians employees, or do you hire independent contractors?
• Are the technicians fully trained on the use of chemicals and machines? If so, how do you train them?
• Are they IICRC-certified?
• How will they be sure to keep manufacturer warranties in effect?
• How many years’ experience do they have?
• How does your company make sure technicians do what they’re supposed to do?
• Do you have a quality assurance person inspect each job?
• How does your company let me know what is to be done, and when it’s done?
• Can I reach you 24/7 in case there’s an emergency or other issue?

Maybe you can think of more questions to ask before hiring a company. Let us know what you think.


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