Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems


Carpet throughout a corporate environment is an expensive investment that you want to sustain long term use with minimal repair and/or replacement.

If you have recently installed new carpet or are trying to maintain what currently exists and extend the life of it, think about your goals:

  • Retain the new or like-new appearance
  • Avoid premature replacement
  • Maintain the manufacturer warranty

With these goals in mind, let’s consider some points about carpet and maintenance. The average carpet life is 8 years.  If you want to maximize that life expectancy and your budget, you will need to understand that proactive carpet care is not a “not a one-size-fits-all” planning method.  A solid strategy will align with respect to your facility’s use and traffic habits. This includes retaining the appearance by removing stains promptly and preventing noticeable wear patterns from high traffic areas.

All of this can be accomplished seamlessly with the right hiring approach. Incorporating qualified, certified (IICRC, CRI) trained carpet care professionals are guaranteed to perform with efficiency and approved chemistry and equipment.  Giving attention to the “who” in addition to the “how” will not only protect your asset over time but also your balance sheet.