Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

All Floor Companies Are Not Created Equal

When it comes to your floor care needs, anyone can perform a service and/or create products for a low price. So, ask yourself… Do you want the lowest price or the best service? Here are some ways to tell if you are getting the best floor care service for your money.

Floor Care Experts

√ Understand a project scope from start to finish. They will not use your facility as a training experience and utilize trial & error to get it right. They understand time is money and all research and planning is completed prior to the project start date.

√ Can rely on successful past project work and effectively apply that knowledge and data retention. This experience also allows for continued improvements to processes and product application and is an important element to reputation and track record.

√ Always have a back-up plan and can act quickly to recover from errors. It happens – what is important is how these experts respond to the challenge and assume the leadership to correct it.

√ Provide peace of mind and ensure no damage to your investment or assets. Again, your building is not going to provide a training environment for them – experts already possess the knowledge and expertise to perform the work. There should be no learning curve.

√ Have solid project management skills. Experts meet deadlines and expectations effectively with little to no downtime or interruptions to your workflow. Your time is equally as important as theirs and respected accordingly.

√ Can uphold manufacturers’ warranties. This is possibly the most important element of any floor care company’s accountability load. Performing any work and /or application that voids a manufacturer warranty is simply a rookie mistake. And in the end, you will have to absorb the long-term consequences of an inexperienced technician’s oversight. Is that a risk worth taking?

When it comes to your floor care needs, find a reputable company that you can trust. The cheapest option may end up costing you a lot of extra money and headaches in the long run. A true floor care expert will get the job done right the first time and will save you time and money in the future by doing what is necessary to properly maintain your floors.