Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Meet & Exceed USDA and FDA Standards by Providing an Ultra-Durable Seamless Surface

Here’s a project we recently completed to replace a damaged floor and to help our client comply with FDA regulations.


  • The FDA requires seamless flooring: no cracks, broken floor, or missing coating that
    would allow bacteria intrusion.
  • Some coatings are not resistant to blood stains, even after cleaning and removal of blood from the surface.
  • Floors that are not watertight can allow water or other liquids to penetrate the surface and leak to subfloor.
  • Chemicals that leak and are not environmentally safe could present danger to human health.
  • Floor cleaning chemicals used by Lab staff can lead to deterioration of protective coating.


  • Install Epoxy coatings that are watertight, seamless, and hygienic to prevent bacteria and soil from building up on the floor surface.
  • Use Industrial Epoxy coatings that are chemical-resistant to harsh chemicals.


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