Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems

Resilient Floor Maintenance and Care

The smartest approach to protecting your flooring investment is to hire a professional floor care provider. 

You expect your floors to be visibly clean with a like-new appearance, protected adequately from normal wear and tear, and safe to walk on.

And you CAN have those things with proper maintenance. 

Newly installed or existing flooring require initial and ongoing maintenance. 

When you work with a professional floor maintenance company you get the following advantages:

  • Personalized Plan – by correctly identifying the different flooring materials used in your building, your professional can recommend an appropriate floor maintenance method tailored for your building
  • Stay Informed – Trained technicians who are current on new technologies and methodologies (including environmentally safe programs) keep you informed, and provide pro-active floorcare advice. 
  • Avoiding Expensive Restorative Maintenance Restorative maintenance is expensive. Especially when it is done too soon. Professional floor maintenance companies will help you avoid that expensive restoration by providing you with technical explanations of proper floor maintenance – especially initial maintenance, so you can avoid those expensive restorations.
  • Excellent Craftsmanship – Pride in the performance of their craft, with a constant drive to be professionals, means your floors will always look great and be safe.
  • Build confidence – with building owners and clients through consistent, deliver exceptional results. 


The real question is, why would you trust anyone other than a professional floor maintenance technician performing these critical services on your floors?