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Stained Polished Concrete Floor Restoration

A Delicate Concrete Operation

You don’t usually hear the words “delicate” and “concrete” used in the same sentence.

But that’s just what we ran into on a recent client project.

The Challenge

The protective coating on their polished concrete floor was wearing off. As a result, the dye used to give the concrete its desired look was starting to fade.

The delicate part about restoring this type of floor is that if you work the floor too hard, you remove the dye.

And once you remove the dye, you can never get that same look back again. Too many factors affect the final look of polished, dyed concrete – moisture, temperature, application technique, etc.

So it becomes a delicate operation to remove the old protective coating and replace it with a new one – without comprising the look of the floor.

You have to have the right tools, trained technicians, and a specific methodology to complete this type of restoration successfully.

The client was understandably nervous. Hiring the wrong contractor could lead to the floor being ruined (leading to further expense to replace it).

Other companies, including the client’s janitorial company, had approached them with “solutions” that were less than ideal.

“Brute force” may be the best way to describe them. They would cut off the top layer of concrete with a grinder, remove the stain, starting over from scratch.

This approach is unnecessarily expensive. And, the new stain color is guaranteed to look different from the original color stain. So, you ended up paying too much for a look you don’t want.

After visiting with us during an onsite visit, the client felt comfortable that we have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to complete this project correctly.

What we did:

Because it was so important to match the existing look of the floor, we started by working on a small test area. This allowed the client to see a sample of the results before approving the complete project.

Once approved, the team at Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems removed the deteriorated floor finish.

Next, we did repair work on the joint filler. We removed the old joint filler, replacing it with a filler that has a flexible membrane. This new filler helps accommodate the movement of the concrete without breaking away from it.

We also applied a low-maintenance protective coating that is compatible with the existing stain. We selected a coating suited to the traffic habits and use of the floor, including protecting it from food and drink spills.


By performing a partial restoration, rather than the “remove and replace” approach that others suggested, the client significantly lowered their cost for this project.

The client once again has a great-looking floor that matches their desired look and color.

The new joint filler and low-maintenance protective coating give them peace of mind that their floor will be problem-free for years to come.


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