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Project Spotlight: Bank Lobby Floor Transformation

Banks spend a lot of time and effort on their branding. They know the importance of creating the right impression with current and potential customers.

So what happens when the everyday wear and tear from foot traffic causes the look they worked so hard to achieve to fade?

That’s the challenge we helped a local bank branch solve in this project spotlight.

The Challenge

The existing stained concrete floor of the bank lobby was beginning to show its age.

It was hard to keep clean. Several stains were plainly visible. In addition, the color of the floor had faded and no longer matched the other brand colors of the bank.

The bank faced a second challenge – shutting down the lobby for a renovation was not an option.

That meant the default approach of most contractors, consisting of demolishing the floor, hauling off the debris, and installing a new floor, simply wasn’t an option.

What we did:

We scheduled our Floor Transformation Team to work on the lobby floor after banking hours.

Step one is always to prepare the area and protect the other assets in the surrounding area.

Next, the team grinds the floor for better adhesion and acceptance of the transformation system colors.

A base coat, pigmented dark gray and charcoal, was then applied to the surface.

Finally, a layer of protective clear coat is applied to enhance the durability of the new surface.

The team was able to transform the floor after hours, with no demolition and, therefore, no need to haul debris from the bank building.


The bank lobby floor looks great again. The color of the floor matches the bank’s branding colors as selected by the bank’s interior designer.

Restoring the existing floor only costs roughly 1/3 of what it would have cost to install a new tile floor.

Most importantly, this Kansas City floor waxing & restoration project was complete with ZERO business interruption.

Because our floor restoration process doesn’t involve any demolition or hauling of debris, we completed the transformation after banking hours.

Perhaps best of all, the bank’s clients were impressed with the new look. Several clients asked bank personnel if they had installed a new floor over the weekend.

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