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Has Your Floor Care Provider Kept Its Promises?

Most janitorial companies are disorganized. How do I know? Because I’ve cared for commercial floors for more than 20 years, and practically all of our clients—before they were our clients—shared this opinion about the janitorial companies that cleaned their carpets and floors. According to them, this is what usually happens…

You’re unhappy with the condition of your carpet and floors so you meet with a janitorial company. During the meeting, they make lots of promises. They promise to clean on a regular basis. They promise to keep your carpet and floors spotless. They rave about their products and their state-of-the-art cleaning system. Then they give you a price that is 20% to 30% less than the price you’re paying for floor care. You’re impressed—so you sign the contract.

Weeks later, you find that your floors aren’t spotless. They have scuff marks and scratches. Your carpet has spots. Now you’re mad—what happened to the regular visits they promised! You call them. They assure you you’re on their schedule and they’ll be out in a few days. When they come out, they come with a team of janitors who clean every inch of floor and carpet in your building. Then they disappear. Until your floors are dirty and you call them again.

The problem is, janitorial services are chronically understaffed in an industry where the employee turnover rate is 200%. So despite their promises, and despite how much you’re paying them, they’ll only come out for two reasons: You call and request that they come out, or your tenants call and complain that the carpet or floors look bad. In case you’re wondering “Aren’t they afraid I’ll notice what they’re up to?” The answer is “No.” They assume you’re too busy to check the condition of your floors every day, and they also assume that you assume they’re doing what they promised they’d do.

When your cleaning crew does come out, you’re often left with more questions than answers… Are all of their floor technicians skilled? What all did they do? What products did they use? And, when are they coming back!

Your floors are expensive and must be properly cared for. If they shine, they enhance your building’s image and your reputation (as owner, facility director, or property manager); if they’re dirty, they tarnish your building’s image and your reputation.

A professional floor care provider will keep your carpet and floors looking brand new. First, they’ll care for your carpet and floors on a regular basis. They’ll notify you prior to their visit. After each visit, they’ll e-mail you a report that lists everything they serviced, and they’ll indicate when they plan to return for their next visit. Second, they’ll send an experienced, certified technician to care for your floors. Third, their technician will use products and equipment recommended by your floor’s manufacturer. In doing so, they’ll improve your building’s air quality, keep your warranties intact, and extend the life of your floors.

You might assume you’re getting a good deal from your janitorial company, but you might be paying a high price for poor service—service that is destroying your carpet and floors. If your carpet has spots and your floors are dirty and dingy, get out of your contract! Then call a professional floor care provider that provides high-quality service at an affordable price.


Mo Bashar, I.C.E. GB
Facility Care Specialist

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