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Project Spotlight – Dealing With Wax Buildup A.K.A. Floor Finish on Terrazzo

Applying floor finish is one way to improve the appearance of your terrazzo floors.

Floor finishes are attractive when newly applied. However, they tend to deteriorate fairly quickly.

When that happens, the old finish needs to be removed so a new one can be applied.

Removing deteriorated finishes from stone and terrazzo is not easy to do correctly.

Proper chemicals, machinery, and training are needed to remove floor finishes properly – and safely.

A typical janitorial company does not have the proper training nor do they invest in the proper machinery to properly remove these deteriorated layers. So they take the easy way out and just apply more wax.

Soon, the floor doesn’t look good again, so they apply more wax. This cycle eventually leads to a floor that doesn’t look good no matter how much new wax is added to it.

When your floors get to this point, the only thing to do is to strip away all of the buildup. This is a difficult, labor-intensive (expensive) process.

Our advice is to stay away from wax and seek more sustainable solutions that bring out the true, natural finish of your terrazzo while maximizing its useful life.

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