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We Asked; You Answered: Top 3 Problems Property Managers Face

A property manager’s job is never done… at least that’s how it seems. Day in and day out, the property manager is responsible for the appearance of their floors and carpet throughout all of their buildings.

By hiring the right floor care contractor, you can rest assured that it will be done properly and on schedule.

But what happens when you hire the wrong floor care and maintenance company?

You could run into the three top problems property managers face…

  1. Lack of communication

As in all relationships, communication is the key to harmony.

You need to know exactly what jobs have been done. You can’t waste time tracking your floor cleaning contractor down for status reports. You already have a full-time job. You shouldn’t have to be the supervisor of the floor care crew.

  1. Incompetence

If you notice the floors and carpeting are no looking their best, it may be because the floor care company’s personnel don’t have the proper training. Or they may not have the right kind of equipment. Or maybe the company just doesn’t care enough to provide excellent customer service.

Whatever the reason, your neck is on the line if the building tenants or building owner isn’t happy with the building’s appearance. So make sure the floor care company you hire trains their workers thoroughly in the proper techniques and procedures for the job.

  1. Accountability

You are in charge of a building full of expensive interior assets. The last thing you need is for a floor care company to ruin them by using the wrong equipment, the wrong chemicals and the wrong methods. A bad company could not only ruin your floors, but could also make you look bad in the eyes of your clients, your boss and building owner.

Hire a floor care company that follows the manufacture’s recommendations and proper equipment to do the job. One that trains their personnel in the proper chemicals to use and how to use them. And finally, hire a company that stands behind its work with a guarantee to meet your specifications consistently and to correct any errors promptly.

SO… How can you AVOID these problems?

Look for these signs of a quality floor care company

  • A clear scope of work that is approved by the customer before the job is scheduled.
  • A planned, calendar-driven maintenance schedule that’s tailored to your building environment.
  • Contract compliance — doing what is promised without hidden expenses.
  • A Project Manager who knows what each job entails and is responsible for job verification and quality assurance when the job is completed.
  • Progress reports and photos provided to document the work.
  • Personnel who are credentialed and certified to work on the type of flooring in your facility.
  • Experienced personnel. Very little turnover.
  • An ongoing employee training program.

Advanced 360 Floor Care meets the highest quality criteria.

You can count on us for worry-free care of commercial hard surfaces and carpeting. We take our responsibility to property managers seriously, and your satisfaction is our goal on every project, every day.

If you would like to discuss your facility’s floor care and maintenance needs, we’ll be glad to talk with you by phone or in person. Call us at 913-322-6200.


Mo Bashar, I.C.E. GB
Facility Care Specialist

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