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Save Your Carpeting – And Your Budget – Using the 80/20 Rule

What is the 80/20 Rule?

80% of your time and resources should be spent on 20% of your carpet: the carpet in entryways, lobbies and main traffic lanes.

It just makes sense: High-traffic areas of carpeting require more frequent cleaning than low-traffic areas. But if your janitorial service and floor care service provider clean every area equally every time, it will raise your labor costs and shorten the useful life of your carpeting.

Obviously, carpeting in entryways, lobbies and main traffic lanes contain the most dirt and soil from the outside. So it requires more frequent cleaning to keep dirt from migrating into the rest of the building.

A thoughtfully designed and implemented maintenance program, performed by properly trained and equipped personnel, is essential for optimal long-term performance. A customized comprehensive carpet care program should consist of these elements:

Soil Prevention: Floor mats at entryways – at least 10’- 15’ long – can capture up to 80% of outside soil. But inevitably, carpeting in high-traffic areas will accumulate abrasive dirt that can break down the carpeting fibers. To stop the accumulation, make sure those areas get cleaned more frequently.

Dry Soil Removal: Thorough vacuuming in three areas: overall with a CRI SOA/GL approved vacuum cleaner; in entries to remove abrasive particle soils; along edges (perimeter of rooms) to remove dust and dirt buildup that can cause soil filtration.

Removal of Suspended Soil: Once soils have been suspended as completely as possible, they should be physically removed. Mechanisms for removing suspended soils include absorption or adsorption (dry extraction); wet vacuuming (dry foam and shampoo methods); rinsing (water extraction); flushing (immersion cleaning of rugs); and dry residue vacuuming (absorbent compound, dry foam and shampoo encapsulation).

Advanced 360 provides a world-class (MAP) Maintenance of Asset Preservation program for commercial facilities.

Let us create a comprehensive holistic approach to maintain your facility’s carpeting and hard surfaces.

What is MAP?

MAP (Maintenance of Asset Preservation) extends the life of your carpet and floors and leaves them looking new. Advanced 360 Total Floor Care begins with an assessment that creates a benchmark (starting point) based on the condition the floor or carpet is currently in.

Then we’ll design a predictive cleaning schedule according to your facility traffic patterns that meets your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). We’ll follow the recommendations of manufacturers, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICR) and the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) standards.

Mannington Carpet Maintenance Video

We’ll follow up by performing Advanced 360’s unique restoration method and add two free treatments during the first year for touch-ups and repairs. This leaves your floors looking brand-new all year long. As long as you have a MAP, you’ll never have to restore your carpet or floors again! You pay one flat rate — with no hidden charges — and we guarantee to do the following:

·      Optimize appearance retention.
·      Extend the usable life of your floors.
·      Maintain your warranties by adhering to manufacturers’ recommendations.
·      Save you money by avoiding costly—and unnecessary—floor replacements.
·      Showcase floors that look great day in and day out.
·      Simplify floor care.

We have two decades of local experience caring for commercial carpet, and floors, and our loyal partners are proof that we provide exceptional service in commercial floor care in the Kansas City metro area.


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