Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems


Resilient Flooring 


Manufacturers of hard-surface floors and resilient floors (e.g., Luxury Vinyl Tile,  rubber, sheet vinyl, and Vinyl Composition Tile) recommend that their floors have comprehensive maintenance plans, and they recommend that their floors receive  proper maintenance by certified technicians. We check all three boxes: Our technicians are industry certified, they provide proper maintenance, and we provide comprehensive maintenance on hard-surface floors. We have expertise and extensive experience, so your hard surfaces will be in good hands with us. 


Our Advanced Floor-Care System can provide you with:


  • Initial Treatment: Applied to new floors to maintain their new appearance.
  • Maintenance: Keeps floors looking great and extends their life.
  • Restoration: When regular maintenance no longer brings floors back to life, we can make them look new again. 

Ultra-Durable Coating


Maximize Your ROI. Eliminate Stress.


Your interior assets will look their best and last as long as possible. 

We’ve Saved Our Partners Thousands of Dollars in Avoidable Costs