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Project Spotlight: Kirk Family YMCA

95-year-old Marble Floor Brought Back to Life with Advanced 360 Restoration System



Project Description:

The Kirk Family YMCA was looking for a presentable and safe floor for their new location.

They invited 4 restoration companies to give them estimates for restoring the 95-year-old marble floor.

Three out of the four companies proposed using an old-school stone restoration methodology. This methodology is very labor-intensive. Since labor makes up 95% of the cost of these types of projects, it is also expensive.

Here’s what the “old-school” process looks like:

  • It starts with very heavy grinding using metal bonds and diamonds to remove deep scratches
  • This is followed by very intensive honing of the stone floor using Diamond Resins pads starting from 100, 200, and 400 grits.
  • After that, they start the polishing process using Diamond resin pads, using grits from 800, 1800 all the way to 3500.
  • Finally, they apply a sealer and burnish the sealer to produce a higher sheen.

Our solution:

First, we discussed options with the YMCA management team. Once we understood their goals and priorities, we proposed our restoration system.

We start with a grinding process to remove the old floor finish (wax) build-up from the floor. This process also removes scratches.

Next, we repair and color-match all of the cracks, holes, and voids.

Honing and polishing the marble floor is the next step.  We used diamond encrusted pads with 200, 400, and 800 grit.

By stopping at 800 grit, we are able to produce a sheen equal to or better than the conventional system used by other restoration companies.

Our procedure also results in a floor that is more durable and has a very high abrasion and chemical resistance. All in less time and at less than 1/3 the cost of old school restoration systems.

We finish up by applying a stone sealer to add more protection and help preserve the polished floor sheen.


Project Result:

Amazing floors. Huge savings.

The 95-year-old marble floors were “brought back to life”.

The client is very happy with the way their floors turned out. They’re also happy about the money they saved by spending only a fraction of the cost of the old-school restoration way.

“Mo- you and your guys are absolutely amazing (and a joy to work with). Thank you so much for all of your hard work and attention to detail!! ”

– Lea – Kanas City YMCA

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