Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems


Showcase The Beauty of Your Terrazzo and Stone Floor – Not The Wax.

Your Floor Can Last a Lifetime With Proper Care

The True Natural Finish is a mechanical process and treatment for Terrazzo, Stone and Concrete floors that brings out the natural look of the floor with depth of gloss.

In some instances, the initial treatment is more expensive than coatings or sealers, but in the long term, maintenance costs are drastically less over the useable life of the floor and surface never requires restoration again.

With (MAP) maintenance of asset preservation from Advanced 360, a true Natural Finish will last in excess of 5 years.

The True Natural Finish uses machinery and diamond abrasives to hone the Concrete, Terrazzo and Stone to a smooth surface. Then, a proprietary mixture of organic materials is used to fuse and strengthen the wear surfaces of the floor.
This process increases the abrasive resistance and slip resistance without sacrificing the clean-ability or appearance of the surface.

Save up to 40% in maintenance costs compared to waxed or sealed floors (polished VCT.)
Reduce or eliminate initial application of floor finish and future restorative floor coatings (stripping and re-coating.)
True Natural Finish delivers best-in class scratch, stain and scuff resistance with reduced cost of floorcare and maintenance over the life of the floor.

Enjoy the familiarity and tried-and-True Natural Finish of Terrazzo or Stone floor from installation, and maintenance – now with more time to enjoy it, rather than maintain it!

If your stone or terrazzo floor has been improperly cared for, our Technicians can restore it, and if your employees maintain it as we recommend, it will never need to be restored again.

Maximize Your ROI. Eliminate Stress.

Let us consolidate your vendors into a single scalable solution for your floors and interior assets.

We’ve saved our partners thousands of dollars in avoidable costs