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Do You Have Issues in Your Boiler Room? In Traffic Aisles? On Your Landing Dock or Warehouse Floor?

These aforementioned areas need industrial-grade resin floor coatings to withstand the harsh environments found in industrial facilities. Our solution? CapStone resins. These resins can withstand  industrial environments. They resist chemicals and abrasions, and they’re available in several colors. We offer fast-curing resins (which requires minimal downtime) and conventional  resins (which requires more downtime). Our coatings have moisture-control primers that prevent moisture intrusion. Which causes floor-coating failure.

Issues in Food-Preparation Areas? Laboratories?

True Natural Finish is a process and treatment for concrete, stone, and terrazzo floors that highlights the floor’s natural  beauty and high-gloss finish. Its finish can last more than five years if properly maintained. True Natural Finish increases a floor’s abrasion and slip  resistance, and it does so without sacrificing the appearance of the surface. True Natural Finish has saved clients up to 40% in maintenance costs compared to waxed (i.e. sealed) or polished Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT). 

Restrooms and Locker Rooms

Floors in industrial and manufacturing facilities experience more wear and tear than floors in other facilities. As a result, cleaning  floors in these harsh environments becomes  a challenge. Our floor-coating system makes daily cleaning and routine maintenance easier, and it delays the need for restorative measures.


Safety is a priority, and our CapStone coatings exceed OSHA  (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements. In areas  where water or moisture is present, aggregates can be used to increase traction. CapStone coatings have primers that resist moisture intrusion, which causes floor-coating failure.

Long-Term Industrial Solutions Provided by Certified Technicians. With Minimal Downtime.

Concrete Floor Repair

The concrete floor is the foundation for a facility’s entire operations, so the floor must be strong and safe. Floor joint maintenance is critical because it prevents damage to the floor, ensuring that the floor–a facility’s most important asset–lasts a long time. Our CapStone products provide long-term repairs for concrete floor issues. Major and minor. 

CapStone System

CapStone bonds with existing concrete, and its safety color dyes  (i.e. yellow, red, blue) create a consistent material throughout the application process. CapStone leaves an enduring finish that resists forklift tire marks. These coatings also use moisture control primers that resist moisture intrusion, which causes floor-coating failure.


Conventional Safety Lines

This application uses epoxy resins designed for use in industrial and manufacturing facilities. The safety colors are applied followed by a final application of protective coating, which seals and  maintains the color. This application is available in fast curing (which requires minimal downtime) or conventional (which requires more downtime). 

Long-Lasting Industrial Floor
Solutions Provided by Certified Technicians. With Minimal


Industrial Floor Coatings That Provide Industry-Leading Solutions

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