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Why Your Floorcare Budget Needs a MAP

Fall has officially arrived, and that means

  • cooler weather
  • MLB playoffs
  • Football BBQs

AND budgeting seasoning. 

Property managers, facility managers and business owners are constantly challenged to do more with less. 

This coming year will be no different as we continue to deal with the consequences of COVID-19.

There are the obvious costs of extra chemicals and labor to keep your workspace safe.

And the not-so-obvious challenges, such as:

  • Floorcare companies are dealing with a shortage of skilled labor to maintain your floors and carpet. 
  • Extra work is needed to clean the residue from very aggressive disinfectants and removed social distancing floor stickers.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Cleaning and disinfecting are generally good things. 

However, too much of a good thing can be damaging.

Overly aggressive cleaning wastes money on chemicals and labor.

Worse still, it causes damage to your commercial furniture, carpeting, and flooring.

Damage that leads to premature repair and replacement costs.

You wouldn’t think people would spend more money (on overcleaning) to make their assets wear out faster.

But that’s what many businesses are doing by overcleaning.

Introducing MAP

We know how frustrating it can be to spend good money on floorcare without getting the appearance and useful life you expect.

That’s why we developed our Maintenance of Asset Preservation program. 

MAP for short.

MAP is our process of keeping your building clean, safe, and looking great every day while extending the usable life of your facility. 

MAP is a predictive, periodic maintenance program.

Predictive in that we factor in foot traffic habits, soil load, usage, and other variables to determine the optimal level of maintenance for each area of your building.

Different areas of your building get used differently. Therefore, it only makes sense that you maintain them according to the specific needs of your facility.

Realistic Budgeting

MAP isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

It starts with the specific needs of your facility and creates a tailored plan to meet those needs—both short-term and long-term.

This approach is also an intelligent way to create a budget.

Sure, it may be faster to multiply a square footage number by an “average maintenance cost.”

Or increase last year’s budget by an arbitrary percentage.

But faster isn’t always better. Or smarter.

You deserve better than “average.”

Our experience shows the best way to create your floorcare budget is to:

  1. Start with your goals
  2. Determine your needs
  3. Maintain the appearance, cleanliness, and safety of your workplace
  4. Maximize the service life of your assets

That is why we created MAP.

Like Some Help?

If you’d like some help creating a floorcare plan that will keep your facility safe, clean, and looking great – without breaking your budget – reach out anytime.