Advanced 360 Total Floor Care Systems


Advanced 360 Floor Care System minimizes restroom downtime by using F.A.R.S. (Floor Alternative Replacement System), which keeps tile and grout fixtures in place while a new surface is laid down. Each F.A.R.S. tile and grout retrofit, which is a great option for those looking for floor waxing in Kansas City, begins with a comprehensive project evaluation where our team works with our client to find problem areas and recommend commercial floor transformation solutions.  The advantage? You can retrofit it whenever it’s convenient.

F.A.R.S. provides a sensible way of replacing your floors without having to demolish them and haul off debris, and it spares your workplace from dust and disruption. By using F.A.R.S. instead of demolition and replacement system, you will have your office operating normally in less time and at a fraction of the cost, and our coating system can be applied to most surfaces and coatings (including SaniGLAZE). We’ll install Terrazzo-like 100% seamless flooring on top of your old tile and grout. It’s UV–stable—so it won’t chip, fade, peel, or turn yellow—and it’s available in unlimited designs and colors to fit your budget.

Original restroom floors
Base coat being applied

Color flakes installed

Finished product