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Your Floor Can Last a Lifetime … With Proper Care.

Researching craftsman for each surface requires time and energy. Hiring the wrong craftsman will cause headaches and destroy your budget. Our certified, Academy-trained Technicians know how to treat high-end surfaces, so if you have a stone or terrazzo floor, let us protect it with a maintenance plan customized for your floor’s unique needs.

Stone and terrazzo floors require the right equipment, the right maintenance plan, and experienced floor care professionals. If any of these is missing, you risk damaging your high-end floor. Our certified Technicians know how to care for high-end floors.

If your stone or terrazzo floor has been improperly cared for, our Technicians can restore it, and if your employees maintain it as we recommend, it will never need to be restored again.

Advanced 360 Natural Stone Care

Maximize Your ROI. Eliminate Your Stress.

Let us consolidate your vendors into a single scalable solution for your floors and interior assets.


We’ve saved our partners thousands of dollars in avoidable costs