How do you keep a new floor looking like new for years?

The new floor is bright and shiny, free of the old floor’s unsightly scuffs and stains. Everyone is happy with the new look: you, your building owner and tenants.

A new floor can improve a building’s appearance. But getting it installed is only the beginning. To keep it looking fresh and new, you need to work with a qualified floor care professional to establish a planned maintenance program.


When properly maintained, the life of your floors can be extended – and the expense of replacement delayed by years.

After installation, every type of flooring – whether it’s carpet, stone, concrete, ceramic, wood or resilient – requires initial maintenance, followed by regular, planned maintenance. It’s vitally important to use a professional floor care company for best results.

But even if your flooring hasn’t had initial maintenance, you can call a professional floor care company to create a regular, customized maintenance plan for your carpeting and floors. Some building owners think their janitorial service is all they need. But you can’t leave a long-term floor maintenance plan to a janitorial service: It’s simply beyond their capabilities.

Advanced 360 - Specialized Planned Service

Janitorial services are for cleaning, not for long-term flooring maintenance.

With untrained personnel using a limited number of cleaning products and types of equipment, they can only remove visible dirt. They can’t remove deep-down soils in your carpeting or stains and scuffs on your hard flooring.


Flooring manufacturers’ recommendations and warranties require certain standards of care.

A professional floor care company has the trained personnel, environmentally friendly cleaning products and up-to-date equipment to keep your carpet and flooring warranties valid. Here’s what a professional floor care company will do:

  • Identify the category and classification of the flooring.
  • Discuss your floor maintenance requirements and learn what is most important to you.
  • Explain how starting with initial maintenance and continuing regular maintenance can reduce the frequency of floor replacement.
  • Develop a customized floor care plan – or M.A.P., Maintenance of Asset Preservation plan.


What is M.A.P.?

Advanced 360’s M.A.P. System is a floor care program that can extend the useful life of your flooring. Using a predictive maintenance model, the floor care company divides your facility into different sections according to traffic density – high, medium and low – and cleans each section accordingly. By cleaning low-traffic areas less often and focusing on higher-traffic areas, the company saves you money while keeping your floors uniformly clean and attractive.


If your floors don’t look as they should, don’t replace them—rescue them.

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