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How Much Does It Cost to Strip and Wax Vinyl Composition Tile?

No two commercial floor care jobs are exactly alike. Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) has the same properties no matter where it is, but VCT in one facility should be maintained differently than VCT in another facility because each facility has a unique environment and unique challenges. Several factors impact the cost of stripping and waxing (or refinishing) VCT flooring, and these factors should be kept in mind when considering refinishing VCT flooring. 

Equipment or Furniture Removal

How much equipment or furniture will need to be moved and then moved back? If the floor care crew has to move it, they will spend more time on the project. Increasing the time needed and the labor cost. If another crew moves the equipment or furniture, their labor will also increase the project’s labor cost. 

Strip and Wax Vinyl Composition Tile

Deteriorated Floor Finish Removal

How many deteriorated coats of finish (i.e. wax) will need to be removed before refinishing? Removing each deteriorated layer will drive up the cost of the project because more labor will be required and more stripping chemicals will be required.   

Edge Work

How much edge work and cove base work will need to be done? Each procedure will slow the floor care crew, increasing the project cost by 15% to 20%.  


What type of equipment will be needed and what size? Powered equipment dramatically improves the production rate, but due to safety concerns, some facilities don’t allow powered equipment (e.g., propane-powered machines). 

Floor Finish Application

How many layers of new finish will be applied? Additional layers of finish will require more products, increasing project cost, and the additional finish will need to be accounted for.

Floor Size

Small projects will have a minimum amount of square footage. Large projects will have more square footage, and these projects will receive discounted rates because of their size. 

Time Constraints 

Will the work be done during the day, at night, or on the weekend? Labor rates are lowest during the day but higher in the evening, at night, or on the weekend. 


How will the facility be ventilated to ensure proper airflow during the project? Ensuring that the facility is properly ventilated while the project is underway will ensure that the facility’s air is safe to breathe. Air handles in some facilities are shut down at night and on the weekend to conserve energy, but shutting them down during the project would increase drying time for the floor finish. Thereby, increasing the time needed to complete the project. 

So, how much does it cost to strip and wax Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)?

In Kansas City, the average per-square-foot price to strip and wax a vinyl composition tile floor is 60 cents per square foot, but this price can easily climb to 90 cents or more because of the factors listed in this blog and because of the difficulty of the project. 


To ensure that your VCT floor retains its original beauty, keep these two things in mind. First, do not let all of your floor’s wax wear away. If it does, the dirt and grime embedded in the exposed tile will remain there permanently. Second, do not jump at the chance to land the lowest price. VCT requires careful maintenance—if it’s damaged, the damage cannot be undone.

Find a floor care professional with a history of stripping and waxing VCT floors AND whose work on those projects satisfied their customers.