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What Is In a Floor Maintenance Program and Why You Need One

If you’re responsible for the upkeep of your facility, it’s a good idea to develop a floor maintenance program because it will save you time and money, and it will extend the life of your floors. In addition, a good Kansas City floor cleaning and maintenance program helps ensure that all of the floors in your facility are safe.

Each carpet and hard surface in your facility needs a maintenance plan that’s specifically tailored for its unique composition, its use(s), and the conditions under which it was installed. The challenge is figuring out which maintenance program is ideal for you and your floors. For every flooring system, there are a number of factors that determine how often the floor needs to be cleaned and what equipment and supplies need to be used on it.

Maintenance is a four-part process:


1.    Keeping floors free of soil, scuff marks, and foreign substances.

2.    Keeping floors looking their best (maintaining a lasting impression of quality).

3.    Keeping floors protected from wear and tear.

4.    Keeping floors safe (to prevent injuries).

Temperature, humidity, static electricity and the presence of foreign substances are some of the factors that impact the time spent and cost incurred for maintaining commercial floors, which is actually a never-ending job. You can easily miscalculate the amount of time and expense needed for floor maintenance unless you prioritize. Here are a couple of suggestions.

First, determine which maintenance factors are most important. Appearance, cleanliness, longevity, non-slip consistency, safety, and sanitation require different approaches and commitments. After you’ve evaluated your maintenance parameters, you can then determine which maintenance protocols to institute. For starters, we recommend that you dry mop your hard-surface floors daily to help keep them clean.

Second, decide if you’re going to maintain the floors yourself or hire professionals to maintain them. If you decide to maintain them yourself, it’s still a good idea to get at least one quote from a floor care professional because it will give you a better idea of the process and the amount of time and money it will cost you. Finding this out may cause you to reconsider maintaining the floors yourself. But, it’s important that you tell the floor care professional(s) exactly what you need for your floors. Appearance is typically their main objective. They are likely to leave you with bright, shiny, slippery floors unless you’re there to tell them exactly what you want.

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