True Concrete Conversion System (TCCS).

“Green Self-leveling Polyurethane-Epoxy Cement” overlay with a natural polished concrete look, the durability of urethane, and the chemical resistance of epoxy, that won’t crack or stain like standard self-leveling cement and is manufactured with Ultra-low VOCs and no harmful isocyanates.

True Concrete Conversion System (TCCS) is an advanced self-leveling topping that has the look of beautifully polished concrete. This high-flow topping can be used both indoors and outside.

When cured, TCCS has a Terrazzo appearance.

This topping grinds and polishes well, so you can achieve that much sought-after polished look easily.

  • Self-leveling topping that simulates the polished concrete appearance
  • Outstanding clarity and gloss when polished
  • Versatile, use as a topping, resurfacer, or underlayment
  • High strength; durable
  • Use indoors or outside

TCCS is ready for foot traffic in as little as 4 – 6 hours. Coatings can be applied in approximately 12 hours. Grinding and polishing can take place after 24 hours.

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TCCS Crack & Stain Resistant
Decorative Cement
TCCS Crack & Stain Resistant
Resinous Flooring
TCCS Heavy Duty Crack & Stain Resistant
Epoxy-Urethane Cement

Commercial & Retail Facilities

Commercial & Industrial Facilities

Commercial & Industrial Facilities


Polished TCCS has many advantages over standard epoxy terrazzo overlays as seen in the comparison charts below:




Natural Concrete Look YES NO
Self-Leveling YES NO
Typically Available Beyond Terrazzo Union Members YES NO
Chemical, Stain, and Water Resistant YES YES
Resistant to Microfracture YES YES
Resistant to Color Drift YES YES
Ultra-low VOC and No Isocyanates YES YES


Variations with polishable Bag Mix

Click Image To Enlarge

Carmel Beach White

Shelter Cove Light Grey

Monterey Beach Sand

Shelter Cove Charcoal

Shelter Cove Dark Grey

Variations with polishable Bag Mix & Aggregate

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Monterey Beach Sand AG

Shelter Cove Charcoal AG

Shelter Cove Dark Grey AG

Shelter Cover Light Grey AG

Carmel Beach White AG

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