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4 Myths About Commercial Floor Care

Floors make up the largest surface area in your facility. They’re also one of the most expensive assets in your facility. To ensure they look as good as possible, last as long as possible, and provide safe air to breathe, you have to ensure they get the best care possible. Here are four myths about commercial floor care that building owners and property managers often believe are true.


Myth #1: Floors Only Need to Be Cleaned When They Are Dirty


Bacteria and germs live in your carpets and floors even though they’re not visible to the naked eye. They’re also suspended in the air inside your facility. Trace amounts of them are generally harmless, but high amounts of them pose health risks to those breathing them. COVID-19, for example, can survive on carpets and floors for several days, so it’s a good idea to have those surfaces in your facility cleaned and maintained consistently.


Myth #2: It Does Not Matter Which Products Are Used to Clean Floors


Some floor cleaning chemicals are toxic, so some people inhaling them will have adverse reactions. These reactions can become more severe if the wrong cleaning products are mixed together. Also, some cleaning chemicals have caustic ingredients that erode carpets and floors, significantly reducing their life expectancy. You can avoid these issues by using manufacturer-recommended products.


Myth #3: Commercial Floor Care Services Are All the Same


There are three levels of service in any industry: Low-quality service, mediocre (i.e., average) service, and high-quality service. In the floor care industry, high-quality service providers use trained, skilled technicians who understand the unique needs of the floors in each client’s facility, are familiar with the manufacturers’ recommendations for their floors, and use industry-certified chemicals, equipment, and procedures to maintain their floors.

Leaving their clients with carpets and floors that look as good as possible, last as long as possible, and provide safe air to breathe.


Myth #4: Commercial Floor Care Services Are Expensive


This isn’t true for several reasons. First, though some floor care providers charge more than others, the cost of using even the most expensive floor care provider pales in comparison to the huge cost of a carpet or floor replacement. Second, when floors are maintained by a high-quality floor care provider, the provider alerts their client to flooring issues that, if not resolved soon, will cause expensive problems down the road. Third, a high-quality provider saves their client money by properly cleaning and maintaining their floors, which ensures that their floors last longer—years longer—than they would have if their floors had been improperly maintained. Fourth, proper maintenance keeps clients’ floors from being damaged and keeps their flooring warranties from being voided.


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